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Community Analysis Research

The perpetual attendance of conferences leaves people with the same questions still unanswered; "...but how?"

'How do I analyse my community?'

'How do I decide on the correct intervention?'

'Does it start with someone who has a skill in sewing/baking/woodwork, therefore we offer that kind of training?'

'Will it result in economic opportunity or will it just be successful in keeping unemployed people occupied?'

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Our approach is to conduct a thorough community analysis based on the standard community development principles that are supported by Manfred Max-Neef's Human Scale Development principles. The Community Analysis (CA) answers the question: 'How do we take a person who has been unemployed and who is living in a socio-economic environment that is not favourable to personal development to a place where he or she is able to be an asset to an employer or become self – employed, while becoming a contributing citizen?'

The CA is the first step in developing a complete contextual strategy in bridging the gap between unemployment and sustainable employment. It asks a particular set of questions of a certain community to generate appropriate data, which in turn allows for a strategic contextual developmental approach to be designed for the community surveyed. The CA procedure and method will be one of participative observer action research, ie the researchers will involve the community as well as observe it.

The entire process of researching, processing, analysing and presenting takes approximately 4 months to complete

For further information please contact LtE's Head Office on +27 21 671 2230

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Associates Feedback

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Currently there are five members of the Learn to Earn Association. Fisantékraal Centre for Development, The Message and Phambili ngeThemba are located in Cape Town, Western Cape. GetOn Skills Development Centre in Pretoria, Gauteng and Ethembeni based in Mpophomeni, Howick, KwaZulu-Natal.

'Our affiliation with LtE has been the most significant and vital contributor to the progress we have made as an organisation over the last few years. Their collective wisdom and generous spirit, have enabled us to navigate through the usual birth pains of a new organisation with faith and confidence.'
Fisantekraal Centre for Development ~Grant Hopkins

'LtE and Ethembeni is truly a partnership of hope because the key fruit of each person equipped to run their own business is hope. Hope lasts especially because it is embedded in all of the LtE programs and is modelled by the leaders of LtE who "walk in hope" that everyone has the potential to run their own business. Therefore Ethembeni has hope that we will empower 50 people in 2012 to begin a new journey of discovering all God intends for them as dignified people of value.'
Ethembeni ~ Grant Edkins

'On behalf of GetOn I would like to commend Learn to Earn for the out standing job, managing GetOn Skills Development Centre, making our organisation more effective, efficient and sustainable. Through the team's hard work and dedication, GetOn has increased the number of beneficiaries, and has systems/policies in place to guide us in to the right direction. Learn to Earn has been a valuable support, mentoring function that supports the philosophy of "complete don't compete" as we are all working towards the same goal, empowering people for life.'
GetOn Skills Development Centre ~ Brenton Cryer

'The Message Trust saw value in what Learn to Earn was accomplishing with the unemployed – we chose to become a member of the Association to grow and learn as an organisation working in innovative contexts; we also have a preference for collaborating with other like-minded organisations. Through the support of the Learn to Earn Association we have been able to strengthen or entrepreneurship programme in prisons and develop enterprises that will help ex-offenders find employment. We look forward to learning and growing the LtE Association as we collectively seek to raise oaks of righteousness and eradicate unemployment.'
The Message Trust ~ Tim Tucker (CE) & Mark Slessenger (CO)


E³ Contact us

If you would like further information regarding the E³ programme or would like to make a donation towards the programme please contact the following:

E³ programme
Gen Kruger
+27 21 361 5972
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Enterprise Development Funding
Aleks Jablonska
+27 21 671 2230
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Our Partners

Funding Donations

Donations to Learn to Earn can be made either to our Skills Development Programme (Socio Economic Development, BBBEE maximum of 5 points) or Enterprise Development Programme (BBBEE maximum of 15 points). Learn to Earn Training is a Section 18A registered Not for Profit.

When making the funds transfer kindly reference the allocation with the name of your company & the purpose of donation (SED or ED). Unless otherwise specified, funding will be allocated across Learn to Earn's SED programme (skills training).

An official thank you letter/receipt will be issued within a month of the donation received. This will be followed by a BEE letter. Tax certificates are issued after the end of LtE's financial year (31 March) in which the donation was made (i.e. from April). Please forward the company details (contact person, postal address, email / telephone) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. s to facilitate the process.


Learn to Earn's SED and ED programmes are audited on an annual basis by Empowerdex.


Future Entrepreneurs

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LtE supports a group of extraordinary entrepreneurs who have the potential to transform their communities through their hard work and dedication. We currently have a range of potential entrepreneurs who have indicated a desire to participate in the E³ program. Their ideas range from a day-care centre, an amusement centre and an idea to make and sell children's aprons.

Through a rigorous, multi-step 3-6 month long selection process, the E³ department screens entrepreneurs who have completed an LtE training course. Those candidates with exceptional, high-impact potential ideas are then further interviewed before presenting their business plans to our Business Selection Panel, comprising of LtE board members and LtE management.

The programme selects South Africans of all ages, ethnicities and educational backgrounds. It sends a message to the communities we work in, that through hard work, creativity and values-driven leadership, individuals living anywhere, from any background, can turn an entrepreneurial idea into a sustainable business.

Interested Learn to Earn graduates who would like to apply for the mentorship programme should meet ALL of the following selection criteria.

They should:

  • Be a South African from a previously disadvantaged population group
  • Have completed or are currently completing a Learn to Earn course
  • Be in their LtE trainer's opinion sufficiently equipped to be a successful entrepreneur in their chosen industry
  • Show the initiative/interest in running their own business or have proven experience in running an enterprise already.
  • Be entrepreneurially minded, capable, proactive, willing to learn and be able to communicate efficiently & effectively

If you feel this is an opportunity that you would like to pursue please contact: Geniveve Kruger on +27 21 361 5972 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Present Entrepreneurs

The Odd Cup

The Odd Cup is the name of the coffee shops at the Khayelitsha and Hermanus branches of Learn to Earn. Each of these coffee shops is run in partnership with Learn to Earn by an entrepreneur in the E³ mentorship programme.

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The Odd Cup Hermanus is now run by Zayno Sampson, our Enterprise Development mentee. He has always had a passion for cooking and a vision to run his own business. What started out as take-away meals from home has now become a bigger opportunity with focusing on growing and becoming well known in the community. Zayno completed the Cater Care course at Learn to Earn Hermanus in 2011 and then worked at 2 Hermanus based restaurants, from which he learnt a great deal.  

Zayno has great ambitions and is driven and very positive about his future. He is looking forward to his three years on Learn to Earns E³ programme, learning all that he can and growing his business. His dream is to open a second take-away business at the Hawston taxi rank and employ staff there. Zayno is studying Financial Management through Oxbridge Academy and will complete this in 2016.


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Ntombie Macanda, our Enterprise Development mentee at the Khayelitsha Coffee Shop, has always had a passion for cooking and a vision of running her own catering business. What started out as helping people in her community with catering for functions has led to the opportunity of a life time.

'This is very exciting for me and my family, as they are always supportive and I am very positive that I will make the best out of this, as I am really enjoying what I am doing. I really thank LtE for giving me this opportunity and thank my family for all the support they have shown.'

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