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Having regular and on-going financial support, no matter how large or small, enables us to effectively serve the communities of Khayelitsha and Hermanus in proactive and life changing ways.

We are grateful to all those who have made either monetary or in-kind donations.


Indlala Iphelile - Poverty is Over

Here are some of our graduates stories


Msindisi Khupio
Learn to Earn Woodwork Graduate 2010

Our woodwork trainer Leslie Grimwood recently had a visit from one of his previous students, Msindisi Khupio, who graduated in June 2010. Leslie had the following to share: Msindisi was placed in permanent employment by LtE with a timber company. After 6 months he left and found himself a job with furniture sales company Geen & Richards.

Here he is very busy and enjoying his work. He has been able to use his LtE learnt woodwork skills in making furniture from home as well as repairing chips and assembling furniture at Geen & Richards. He is also using the business skills he learnt from his Lifeskills and Business trainer on the sales floor as he sells the furniture. Msindisi's salary (basic plus regular commission) is now more than his former trainer.


Bukelwa Tibini-Mgoqi
Basic Computers & Office Admin 2009 graduate

Bukelwa was unemployed for a year before enrolling at LtE. After graduating, she was unfortunately still without a job. Instead of sitting around feeling sorry for herself, Bukelwa offered her admin skills to LtE as a volunteer. Through her interest in computers and a passion for helping people, she had an opportunity to practice her skills when filling in at the busy LtE Khayelitsha reception.

A few months later, she was recommended by LtE as a strong candidate for a full-time job opportunity. She was hired as a receptionist at the Sibongile Centre for children with cerebral palsy in Khayelitsha. Not even a year later, Bukelwa has been promoted to the centre's day manager. She is responsible for managing the quality of service provided through the staff, community carers and volunteers. Her advice to unemployed people is not to stay at home doing nothing: rather to expose themselves to the working world through volunteering!

Nombulelo Nondula & Noma Jwambi

Sewing graduates 2011

Noma used to work as a teacher in the Eastern Cape and later as a teachers' trainer. This came to an end with the death of the business owner and Noma became unemployed. Nombulelo was a housewife who wanted to do something for herself. The two ladies got to know one another during the LtE sewing course and decided to pool their resources to start a sewing business after graduation.

Working from Nombulelo's house with the sewing machines they have purchased over time, the Sunrise Sewing business was born. So far Sunrise Sewing has focused on tracksuit and uniform orders for local and Eastern Cape schools, however, the ladies are keen to take on new types of sewing orders as well as clothing alterations.


Owen Makhoba

Bake for Profit graduate 2001

In 1996 Owen was retrenched from his job and despite searching for new employment was unable to find any work. In 2001 Owen enrolled at LtE, Khayelitsha and completed the 8-week Bake for Profit course. According to his then trainer, Nobom Ntsuntswana, Owen was quiet and depressed when he first joined.

Owen graduated and immediately started his own baking business in 2002. His business now supports a family of 7, employs 8 sales people, and has a minimum weekly turnover of R8000. Most nights between 6pm and 6am you will find Owen baking off approximately 150L of dough in to scones and muffins.


Nosiseko Fante

Bake for Profit Graduate 2011

With sheer determination to change her circumstances, especially after her husband's retrenchment, Nosiseko Fante, came to LtE to enroll in the Bake for Profit Course in June 2011.

Looking back this reserved mother says: "I'm grateful to LtE for an opportunity that has provided me with life-long skills. It has enabled me to provide food for my family, pay my husband's hospital costs, the children's transport to school and their school fees. I bought equipment for my business and during the course started saving to extend my kitchen. I make a variety of products and sell at all hours."

Nosiseko has realized that planning, perseverance, discipline and her passion for baking has ensured the sustainability. She has named her business "Esiseko Bakery "because my family regards me as the sustainer of the family. My customers enjoy my products which they find tastier than store-bought ones and I am known as Mrs Muffins".


Khonzikazi Mananga

Hermanus Bake for Profit Graduate 2011

Much to her delight, Hermanus trainer, Nicole Bekker, recently bumped into Bake for Profit (BfP) graduate Khonzikazi Mananga at Pick 'n Pay - with a trolley literally laden with flour and other baking ingredients.

This former trainee laughingly informed her trainer that she has been doing so well with her baking business (her employed sister bought her a large oven after the completion of her course), that her mother and grandmother have joined her.

Khonzikazi, who has an accounting qualification, could not find work, so signed up for the BfP course. She now earns R400 to R600 a day, and is so grateful for the BfP course. She says that her time at LtE has changed her life. She is now at a point where, without her family's help, she would not even be able to keep up with her orders.


Nonyameka Ntsondwa

Home Management Graduate 2011

When Nonyameka first joined the Home Management course she was without hope, overwhelmed by her circumstances, and desperate for work. She had literally no food, no money, and two children to care for.

Nonyameka was determined, however, and worked hard throughout the course, taking notes and soaking up what her trainer was teaching her. She studied hard for assessments and gave her best.

Reliant on kind hearted neighbours and friends for the duration of the course Nonyameko showed incredible strength of character by completing it successfully. When the principal of a private school, Curro, requested a list of graduates to interview for a potential Housekeeper position at the school, Nonyameko was appointed and has proven to be Hermanus LtE's secret promotions weapon as she receives many compliments on her work ethic.

Nonyameka has been appreciative of LtE and all that she learnt. She can afford to give her children proper breakfast and has shared that her faith in God is what kept her going.




Learn to Earn Staff & Boards

Learn to Earn's staff are based at our 3 sites. Our training staff are situated at our Khayelitsha and Hermanus training centres. Our admin staff are based at our head office in Claremont and at the Khayelitsha centre.

Learn to Earn's various boards meet 4 times per year and are made up of LtE Staff representatives  (including our Director, General Manager, Khayelitsha and Hermanus Branch Managers and Project managers) as well as private individuals with a heart for seeing change in our communities.



Learn to Earn training, project and admin staff at the 2014 staff retreat

Significant dates in the Life of Learn to Earn


If you are looking for a walk down memory lane then you are in the right place.


April 1989 - LtE starts

August 1995 - Roché van Wyk appointed Director of LtE

March 1998 - 1st carpentry course started

March 1999 - at the request of the RDP Forum, LtE opens a branch in Hermanus to serve the community of Zwelihle. The Zwelihle community has up to 70% unemployment rate

January 2000 - 30 Jan opening of new complex in Khayelitsha, celebrated 10 years of ministry to the unemployed in the Khayelitsha community, what is remarkable is that we managed the building project ourselves and were able to complete the complex at 50% less than the budgeted costs

June 2000 - opened coffee shop at Khayelitsha

July 2001- "start-up programme' renamed Zakhele, 1st Business Achievers course graduates

Mid August 2001 - 1st sewing school at LtE Durbanville graduates under the instruction of Loretta Pietersen

September 2001 - 21 Sep - graduation of the first Desktop publishing course at LtE Khayelitsha

October 2001 - Staff retreat 'Experiencing the City'

Early 2002 - Housekeeping course introduced to skills courses offered at Hermanus

2002 - The LtE Business Resource Centre was formalised and registered

2002 - Staff retreat at Flora Bay, Hout Bay - 'Servant Leadership'

2003 - late 2003 The Encounter Course is developed

March 2004 - LtE celebrates its 15th birthday

March 2004 - 25th March - 1st LtE Golf Day held at De Zalze

2004 - Staff Retreat 'Site C – Khayelitsha'

2005 - LtE accredited with SETA and the Department of Labour

2005 - LtE closes the Durbanville Branch

October 2005 - Staff retreat 'Life Stories' - Noordhoek

March 2006 - 3 March - 1st Hermanus Golf Day

2006 - LtE received an award of excellence from Impumelelo Innovations

2007 - LtE Association is launched

January 2007 - LtE Head Office in Rondebosch is opened

February 2007 - LtE receives a gold award from Impumelelo Innovations

August 2007 - staff retreat 'Time to Receive' Carmel, Victoria Bay, George

February 2008 - 1st Graphic Design Course and Office Administration Course start at LtE Khayelitsha

April 2008 - 10 April - the first sod was turned for the building of the new LtE Hermanus branch

September 2008 - staff retreat 'Time to Build' - Habitat for Humanity house build

November 2008 - commencement of the new building at LtE Khayelitsha

March 2009 - LtE celebrates 20 years

March 2009 - Hemanus staff move into their new state-of-the-art purpose-built building and celebrate 10 years in Hermanus

May 2009 - The 'tfg' store opens

September 2009 - Staff retreat 'Integrity' - Wortlegat, Stanford

December 2009 - LtE Head office moves to 79 Belvedere Road, Claremont

January 2010 - Khayelitsha staff move in to their new building

May 2010 - The tfg Store celebrates its 1st birthday

August 2010 - Khanya bag range wins Best Product Award at the South Africa Hand Made Collection, Decorex, Johannesburg

August 2010 - LtE Hermanus Opera Evening

September 2010 - Staff retreat 'Building Blocks' - Goedgedacht Farm, Riebeek Kasteel

September - November 2010 - 'I give a duck' Campaign

November 2010 - Awareness and fundraising Quiz Evening, Powerscourt Golf Estate, Ireland

March 2011 - Awareness and fundraising Quiz Evening, South Africa House, London, UK

June 2011 - Opening of the Hermanus Coffee Shop

July 2011 - 16 – took part in the Nelson Mandela Foundation's Legacy Canvas cocktail party

                 29 – LtE Quiz and dinner, Mutual Park, Pinelands

September 2011 - Staff retreat 'Ingredients for Life' – Bridges Centre, Franschhoek

March 2012 - 15th – the 9th LtE Golf Day takes place

May 2012 - Alpha Course run for the 1st time at LtE

June 2012 - Commencement of training partnership with the City of Cape Town

July 2012 - 27th - LtE Awareness dinner dance at Suikerbossie

August 2012 - 25th – the 15th LtE AGM

September 2012 - Staff retreat - Volmoed, Hermanus

October 2012 - 1st Association Workshop takes place

December 2012 - Graphic Design showcase held at Dorp Street Gallery, Stellenbosch

March 2013 - 1st time a group rides for LtE in the Cape Argus Pick n Pay cycle race

April 2013 - 10th Golf Day takes place

May 2013 - 2nd feel good Project store opens at the Harare Square tfgP Offices, Harare Khayelitsha

August 2013 - LtE awareness dinner dance at Suikerbossie – The Epic Adventure

September 2013 - Staff retreat 'Integration & Purpose' – Bridges Centre, Franchhoek

September 2013 - 2nd Association Workshop

October 2013 - Point of Sale Course starts at LtE Hermanus

October 2013 - Call Centre Course starts at LtE Khayelitsha

November 2013 - Graphic Design Showcase held at TFG design Centre

December 2013 - Gilbert Muchanyara graduates from the E³ programme

March 2014 - LtE Celebrates 25 years of impacting the unemployed

March 2014 - 2nd time a group rides for LtE in the Cape Argus Pick n Pay cycle race

April 2014 - Technical Skills Course started at LtE Hermanus

May 2014 - LtE Quiz Evening at Jubilee Community Church

July 2014 - Sewing Production Line Course starts at LtE Khayelitsha

July/August 2014 - Staff retreat 'The Lord's Prayer', Carmel, George

August 2014 - 17th Annual General Meeting

September 2014 - LtE Dinner at Suikerbossie Restaurant celebrating 25 years of impacting unemployed

December 2014 - Zukisa Fono graduates from the E³ programme

February 2015 – Ground UP Cape Town starts training

March 2015 – Team of riders represents Learn to Earn in the Cape Town Cycle Tour

June 2015 – Ground UP Johannesburg starts training

July 2015 – Staff retreat takes place at Almond Bridge Guest House, Malmesbury

August 2015 – 18th LtE AGM

November 2015 – Graphic Design Exhibition at the iZiko National Gallery annexe


LtE has trained over 11 500 unemployed people since 1989. The annual average of 79% of our graduates become economically active, 13% of which are self-employed.


Branch managers

Joan Mackee - Feb 1999 -Sep 2000
Laura Allais - October 2000 - April 2003
Rina Maree - April 2003 - September 2009
LesleyAnne James - August 2010 - January 2012
Edwin Brooks - June 2012 - August 2014
Martin Isaacs - November 2014 - present

Durbanville Branch
Melt van der Spry
Mark Anthony

Khayelitsha Branch
Paul Sturrock - 1999 - 2004
Susan Wishart - November 2004 - January 2009
Rod Hopley - Feb 2009 - December 2010
Martin Isaacs - March 2011 - October 2014
Desiree Ulster - August 2015 - present

Chairmen of the Executive Board
Ian MacDonald - 1996-2001
Neville Goodwin - 2001-2002
Neil Macdonald - 2002-2010
Jerry van Niekerk - 2010-2012
Neil Macdonald - 2013 - present

The first ten years: 1989-1999

The name "Khayelitsha" kept coming into Doug Fisher's mind as he drove through the night to Cape Town, where he and his wife Yvonne were relocating from Durban. Feeling sure that God was leading them to make this move – yet uncertain as to what the future might hold. In Cape Town, Doug discovered that Khayelitsha was a fast growing Township about 30km from the city. He met up with an old school friend, who had come to faith in a Baptist church, and had contacts in Khayelitsha.

Doug, was given two rooms in the municipal offices in Khayelitsha, free of charge for a year. He envisaged running literacy lasses as he had been involved with a church-based NGO in Durban teaching literacy. He organised for a literacy teacher from Durban to teach Nomvula (Patience) Zali, a Khayelitsha resident, how to run literacy classes. Unfortunately there was very little interest from the community, with just one man graduating.

Not one to give up easily, Doug decided rather to offer sewing, knitting and crocheting classes, which were taught by Patience. Yvonne drew up a detailed basic sewing course and later an advanced course which Bukelwa (Vivian) Mfundisi taught when she joined the project. The project was called the 'Baptist Training Project' because the Fishers came to faith in the Baptist Church, Hillcrest Natal. The Project letterhead had the heading: "A Hand up – Not a Hand Out". The slogan "Learn to Earn" was to give donors and the community the correct perspective on the project. All clothing and bedding made had the label "Good News Gear" Khayelitsha on them.

When the project moved to a small portable classroom in Site C, after the 1st year , theft was a big problem along with the political violence. Whenever he was able to, Doug visited past students in their homes, and was encouraged to see how many of the women were empowered by being able to sew.

The response from the community towards the project was mixed. However, in the six years that Doug ran the Baptist Training Project he aimed to make the project a haven of peace and tranquillity amidst the political violence. He has said that he never once regretted going to start the work in Khayelitsha, and seldom felt fearful during the political violence, always seeking God's protection. He believed firmly that God called LtE into existence, and when he decided his time at the project was coming to an end he prayed for a younger person with enthusiasm and energy, as well as being a pastor with practical skills, to take over the leadership of the project. Doug's prayers were answered in the form of Roché van Wyk who started as Director of LtE in August 1995. Roché has a background in the engineering field has been a pastor and had just returned from completing a degree in Urban Missions and Intercultural Studies in the USA.

Doug's vision of the project being a resource centre to help start other training centres elsewhere never realised during his time, but has since been, with the opening of the Hermanus Branch of Learn to Earn in February 1999.

Roché van Wyk formalised the project in 1995, the name was change to the Learn to Earn Training Project and a board was established locally and an advisory and representative board established in the USA.

Learn to Earn Vacancies


2017 staff 3


Learn to Earn (LtE) is a Christian organization which seeks to develop people, especially unemployed people, socially, economically, emotionally and spiritually.

The following vacancies are available at Learn to Earn

Basic Sewing Skills - Training Room Assistant

We require an experienced classroom assistant with a commitment to eradicate unemployment and other legacies of injustice; to support in the implementation of our Basic Sewing Skills Programme offered at our Khayelitsha Campus (Western Cape).

If you have the following professional attributes and personal qualities we would love to hear from you!
• Minimum Grade 12.
• Passionate about developing the unemployed and eradicating the legacies of injustice;
• A basic understanding of how adults develop and learn.
• Should have attended a Basic Sewing Course with at least 2 years experience in the Sewing Industry, particularly in garment construction.
• A relevant Training Certification (Advantageous);
• Basic Computer Skills: Microsoft Office Suite;
• Strong Communication Skills (fluency and ability to teach in English supported by fluency in isiXhosa and/or Afrikaans would be beneficial);
• The ability to work inter-culturally and work within diverse cross-cultural contexts
• Ability to work under pressure and make things happen (self-motivated).
• Attention to detail and process orientated;
• Flexibility and creativity.
• Ability to work as part of a team.
• Member/regular attendance of local evangelical church.

Type of Employment: 
Fixed Term Contract – 6 months. Starting date: January 2018

How to Apply:
Send us your CV and a Cover letter introducing yourself and include a motivation for applying for this position; include two contactable professional references and one from your Pastor/Minister. Email this to Desiree Ulster at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Get to know us: 
Please visit for more information on our work and vision to eradicate unemployment in South Africa.

The closing date for applications will be 20 October 2017 @3.30pm. Should you not be contacted within 90 days of the application deadline, please consider your application unsuccessful.

Talent Coordinator

We require a skilled Talent Coordinator with a commitment to eradicate unemployment and other legacies of injustice, to support the Talent Department of The Feel Good Project – an innovative social enterprise project aimed at equipping unemployed South Africans with practical skills and experience to secure a job and successful career in the Retail industry.
If you have the following professional attributes and personal qualities, we would love to hear from you!
• Passionate about developing the unemployed and eradicating the legacies of injustice;
• A proven track record in the coordination of recruitment and selection, training and development processes, and performing general HR administration;
• A relevant Human Resource Development/ Training Qualification plus at least 2 years of relevant experience;
• Advanced computer skills i.e. Microsoft Office Suite;
• Good information/ data management and report writing skills;
• Strong communicator – written and verbal, with well-developed English communication skills (knowledge of isiXhosa would be beneficial);
• Knowledge of and experience working with SETAs;
• The ability to work inter-culturally and within diverse cross-cultural contexts;
• People orientated with a coaching and mentoring worldview;
• Confidential;
• Multi-tasker who enjoys juggling several activities and working under pressure;
• Innovative and creative;
• Persuasive relationship builder;
• Attention to detail and process orientated;
• Member/ regular attendance of local evangelical church.
This is a permanent, full-time position. The successful candidate will be based at The Feel Good Project Head Office in Harare, Khayelitsha, but will also be required to travel in and around the City of Cape Town for training and networking purposes. Own transport and a valid South African driver’s license is therefore a requirement of this job role. 
How to Apply:
Please forward your CV and a Cover Letter introducing yourself and stating your motivation for applying for this position, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Kindly also include 2 contactable references and one from your Pastor/ Minister. 
Get to know us:
Please visit for more information on our work and our vision to eradicate unemployment in South Africa.
The closing date for applications is 16 October 2017. Should you not be contacted within 90 days of the application deadline, please consider your application unsuccessful.


The following apply to all Learn to Earn jobs:

General Requirements:
• Hold to LtE's statement of faith and be an active member of an evangelical church.
• Be in possession of a relevant qualification and relevant Certificate or Diploma (if applying for a Training position) as a facilitator.
• Have at least 5 years' experience working in training environment (if applying for a Training position)
• Working knowledge of the SETA environment.
• Excellent English communication and report writing skills.
• Good computer skills.
• Knowledge of Xhosa would be beneficial.
• Ability to work inter-culturally.

General Responsibilities:
• To participate in weekly staff devotions and prayer meetings, the staff language programme "Word-a-day", and the weekly services.
• To participate in the employer's Annual Staff Retreat. We go away for a weekend.
• To participate in the employer's Annual Report Back Meeting which is held on a Saturday.
• To be co-responsible for the continued development of the employer.
• To endorse and promote the employer's Statement of Faith, Mission Statement and Statement of Principles.
• Staff development in the field of focus will be offered from time to time. To enrol in a systematic theological educational programme would be encouraged. The possibility exists that as a staff we may do an in-house course on the theological basis for holistic ministry.
• To promote the employer and obtain financial support therefore.
• Outside of the employee's above responsibilities the employee will be expected to do things that fall outside of the ambit of their job description, such as sweeping, cleaning, covering for and helping other staff. This is a team ministry.

Work Hours:
• The current normal work hours are 08h00 to 16h30 on Monday to Thursday and 08h00 to 15h30 on a Friday
• Teatime will be from 10H30 to 11H00. Lunchtime will be taken from 13H00 to 13H30 daily.
• These hours are subject to change at the Director's discretion.
• Occasionally you may be required to attend activities outside of the above hours. This would not be considered overtime.

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2017 staff 2



Pray for Learn to Earn

If you would like to be kept up-to-date with what is happening at Learn to Earn, to receive our prayer newsletters and emails please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following information:

Name, email address and phone number


Learn to Earn Vision and Mission