Community Analysis Research

The perpetual attendance of conferences leaves people with the same questions still unanswered; "...but how?"

'How do I analyse my community?'

'How do I decide on the correct intervention?'

'Does it start with someone who has a skill in sewing/baking/woodwork, therefore we offer that kind of training?'

'Will it result in economic opportunity or will it just be successful in keeping unemployed people occupied?'

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Our approach is to conduct a thorough community analysis based on the standard community development principles that are supported by Manfred Max-Neef's Human Scale Development principles. The Community Analysis (CA) answers the question: 'How do we take a person who has been unemployed and who is living in a socio-economic environment that is not favourable to personal development to a place where he or she is able to be an asset to an employer or become self – employed, while becoming a contributing citizen?'

The CA is the first step in developing a complete contextual strategy in bridging the gap between unemployment and sustainable employment. It asks a particular set of questions of a certain community to generate appropriate data, which in turn allows for a strategic contextual developmental approach to be designed for the community surveyed. The CA procedure and method will be one of participative observer action research, ie the researchers will involve the community as well as observe it.

The entire process of researching, processing, analysing and presenting takes approximately 4 months to complete

For further information please contact LtE's Head Office on +27 21 671 2230

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