Sewing Production Course


The purpose of this course is to equip learners with the necessary sewing skills and understanding of the production process to be able to become production line machinists in the garment industry. They will be developed to join component parts (of products or garments) at industry quality and production standards using a variety of machines.

Course Outline:

  • Prepare and set machines for specific operation
  • Identify and prepare product parts
  • Pick-up, align and
  • Operate machines to safety standards
  • present product parts to machines
  • Sew parts together
  • Inspect and dispose of product parts
  • Complete administrative procedures

Learners produce the following items: cushions, make-up bags, skirts of various designs, hoody tops, leggings, and Madiba-style shirts.

Offered: Khayelitsha only
Instructor: Christle Bowman (Khayelitsha) 
Entry Requirements:   

Grade 10-12, good hand-eye coordination, right-handed (industry requirement) and completed the LtE Sewing Course 

Duration: 14 weeks full-time 

8h30-16h30 Monday-Thursday
8h30-15h30 Friday

Cost to student: R700 (includes a R200 registration fee)
Cost to Learn to Earn: R23 100 to train one person
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 19 web SPL cost


The initial set-up of the Sewing Production Line course was made possible through funding received from the National Lotteries Development Trust Fund.